Big Success on China Tour Duo Volodja Balzalorsky Peter Caelen
The violinist Volodja Balzalorsky and the pianist Peter Caelen at Beijing Concert Hall
Jiangmen Performing Art Centre

In November, Duo Volodja Balzalorsky and Peter Caelen gave concerts in 13 Chinese Million Cities at prestigeous Chinese Concert Halls, such as the Beijing Concert Hall, the Concert Hall of the Shandong Grand Theater in Jinan, Hangzhou Grand Theater and others, with a program with only works by Johannes Brahms. In Reviews are mentioned Duo’s superb artistic skills, their perfect chamber music cooperation, and an unforgettable presentation of the magical music world of Brahms, for which the Duo was everywhere rewarded with long-running applause by enthusiastic audience. Big Success on China Tour of Duo Balzalorsky-Caelen.

Article with Photos about the 1st concert of the China Tour at Beijing Concert Hall is published on Beijing Concert Hall Official Weibo Page:

Article about performance in Jiangmen:                                       

Complete China Tour Schedule:

11 5 Beijing: Beijing Concert Hall

11-7 Pingxiang: Pingxiang Anyuan Grand Theatre

11-8 Hangzhou: Hanghou Theatre

11-9 Jiaxing: Jiaxing Grand Theatre

11-10 Foshan: Jinma Theatre

11-11 Dezhou: Dezhou Grand Theatre

11-13 Jinan: Concert Hall of Shandong Capital Grand Theatre

11-14 Lianyungang: Lianyungang Culture and Art Centre

11-17 Dalian: Dalian Development Zone Grand Theatre

11-18 Dalian: Dalian People’s Culture Club

11-20 Nanning: Nanning Theatre

11-21 Jiangmen: Concert Hall of Jiangmen Performing Art Centre

11-23 Wuzhou: Wuzhou Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

Article: Big Success on China Tour-Duo Volodja Balzalorsky and Peter Caelen

Volodja Balzalorsky and Peter Caelen-Concert at Jiangmen Performing Art Centre

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