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Very successful tour of Amael Piano Trio in Benelux/Germany

The Amael Piano Trio can look back on an extremely successful Benelux -Germany tour of five concerts last week: after three splendid performances in Luxembourg, Verviers and especially in Leusden where interpretation of Smetana was rewarded with standing ovations at the end of the concert.

International Acclaim for Amael Piano Trio performing in New York, London and in Rome

A large Multi-national audience rewarded the Amael Piano Trio with thunderous applause and prolonged ovations at the sold-out Christmas Concert in Rome, which completed a series of very successful Amael Trio performances at several international festivals, including concerts at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York and at The Forge in London, for which Amael Trio received outstanding acclaim, both by the critics as well as by the audience, and thus confirmed its reputation and international recognition already achieved in the past.