Duo Balzalorsky-Theiler (1985-1997)

Duo Balzalorsky-Theiler
Duo Balzalorsky-Theiler

Volodja Balzalorsky and Christoph Theiler, a duo endowed with complementary qualities… a very subtle playing, well-balanced, intelligent and sensitive interpretations…

Jacques Longchampt -“Le Monde

The violin – piano duo of Volodja Balzalorsky and Christoph Theiler, performed internationally as guest of numerous festivals and concert series. Since 1985, when both prominent artists started playing together in Vienna, till spring 1997, their performances have consistently received outstanding critical acclaim for their intelligent and sensitive interpretations and for their remarkable sense of ensemble.

In 1997, Christoph Theiler decided to dedicate himself exclusively to composing and stopped performing as a concert pianist – soloist and chamber musician.

“Subtlety of Imagination” …

International cycle “ Lisinski subotom” – “ Vjesnik”, Zagreb

The DUO has been invited to play at International Festivals and concert series in various countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia – YU etc.) such as: Incontri Musici, Venice, Italy; Festival Musica con…Bologna, Italy; Midi Minimes, Summer Festival Brussels, Belgium; Ljubljana Summer Festival, Slovenia; Konzerte in Tabakmuseum, Vienna; Pommerigi Musicali, Venice; Lisinski subotom, Zagreb, Croatia; Music Summer in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia; Konzerte in Bösendorfersaal, Vienna; Concerti Aperitivi, Lugo, Italy; etc.

Two extremely fine artists… remarkable technique and strength of sound… an eloquent sensitivity and an interpretative character of great force… Two gifted musicians, but blind to the temptations of star- like behaviour.

Salvatore Grillo –  “Bassa Romagna”

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Live in Vienna: Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Brahms, Grieg & Janacek

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Leos Janacek: Sonata for Violin and Piano – Adagio (Live) / Performed by Duo Balzalorsky-Theiler

Duo Balzalorsky-Theiler (1985-1997)

About Volodja Balzalorsky

Volodja Balzalorsky

Volodja Balzalorsky from Ljubljana, Slovenia, performs internationally as a soloist, recitalist, and chamber musician.
Numerous highly praised concerts, broadcasts, CD, and TV recordings in various countries have established his reputation as an artist with a sensitive, intelligent, and intuitive gift of interpretation, a polished technique, and a rich, full tone.
Volodja is particularly active in the field of chamber music. He works with many international groups and ensembles. He has built long-term partnerships with several musicians, including pianists Christoph Theiler, Hinko Haas, Aleksandar Serdar, and Peter Caelen, percussionist Amy Lynne Barber, and his fellow members of the Amael Trio, pianist Tatjana Ognjanovic, later pianist Zoltan Peter and cellist Damir Hamidullin.

For his artistic achievements, he was awarded several international music awards:

He is Two Time Winner and Four-Time Nominee of Independent Music Awards.

Volodja is also the recipient of several further international music awards such as The Hollywood Music in Media Award, The Inland Empire Music Award, The Ontario Independent Music Award, The Canary Island Music Award, and Julij Betetto Music Award.

About Christoph Theiler

Christoph Theiler

CHRISTOPH THEILER, from Vienna, is internationally acclaimed concert pianist and composer.

He won several piano competitions – “Dr.Drexel” Prize, “Pegasus” Prize of Vienna, as well as competitions for composition -“Prize of the City Stuttgart, Composition Prize “Luis de Narvaez” of Granada, Prize of „Ivan Spassov – Foundation“ in Bulgaria etc.

He has toured throughout Europe. As a member of the Duo   Balzalorsky – Theiler, he has also made numerous recordings (Radio, TV, CD) in various countries.

Given that he was increasingly establishing himself as a composer — a growing demand for his compositions, in 1997 he decided to stop performing as a solo pianist and chamber musician. Since then, he has continued a very successful career as a composer.

Christoph Theiler Composer: Christoph Theiler lives currently in Vienna. Working as freelance composer and media artist. His closing works are installed withinside the place multimedia and sound set up. As withinside the case of MEMBRAN II (for e-guitar, sax and medium wave transmitters) and M.O. – HERZ + MUND (sound set up with three bass loudspeakers and really low frequency waves) increasingly way from the place of the digital music, the sound design, the high-frequency engineering and social sculpture are blanketed in his creative conception. His paintings catalog consists of greater than a hundred compositions, over forty theater and radio performs and greater than 70 interdisciplinary artwork paintings.

More infos about his work as a composer: https://member.iscm.org/catalogue/composers/theiler-christoph